The Hume Difference

Hume & Company is committed to providing providing quality termite services at reasonable price.  There are a few things that separate us from the other termite companies.

We Follow Wood Science Philosophies

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Non-Commissioned Sales Inspectors

Our Sales Inspectors are salary-based.  This is a huge differentiator in this industry.  Commission-based Sales Inspectors earn their paycheck by selling as many services as possible and by inflating their pricing.  Hume & Company is committed to providing our customers with an un-biased assessment of your structure, educating you on the service options that make sense for your individual situation, and providing our services at a fair price.

No In-House Repairs

Hume & Company does not push in-house repair work done by our company to our customers.  There is a conflict of interest when other termite companies perform this service.  Often times the work is sub-standard and expensive for the quality.  Hume & Company will provide rereferrals to qualified contractors or provide guidance to your own contractors.  You can then work with them directly.

Provide Repair Consultation

Hume & Company is available to meet with the contractor of your choice to review the recommended repair work and discuss proper repair techniques to ensure you get the best quality and long-lasting repairs for your home.

Provide Follow-Up Inspections

Since the Southern California Costal Region is “termite heaven” and our homes are constructed with “termite food”, it’s important to remain vigilant and have regular inspections to identify infestations early.  Termites are much easier to treat when termite infestations are found early.  With this in mind, Hume & Company recommends annual inspections.  We provide these annual inspections at no-charge – Just click the “Get A Free Inspection” button call our office at (760) 598-2201 to schedule an inspection.

Warranties That Actually Have Value

Hume & Company warranties the entire structure on all treatments for dry wood and/or subterranean termites.  Whether an original infestation needs re-treating or new infestations appear in other areas, Hume & Company will treat the structure during the warranty period at no charge.