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Q. What Do Termites Do to a Home?
A. When a termite gets into your home, it begins to eat at the cellulose that the wood contains. This is how they get nutrition and can multiply in number. Termites need to eat dead wood, which, in most cases, is what homes are made from. The constant feeding by termites weakens the wood and causes the structure to become unsound.

Q. Why Do Termites Like to Eat Wood?
A. Termites can survive solely on water; however cellulose is the best source of nutrients for their diet. Termites will eat any type of wood, as long as the wood is dead, and most houses have plenty of dead wood for termites to feast on. Stumps, mulch, and other wood debris are a perfect meal for a hungry termite. If termites get into the foundation of a home and into the wooden structure, they can cause severe damage.

Q. How can I be sure if I have termites?
A. Call or contact Hume Termite today for a free Homeowner Inspection.







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