Hume and company is a family own business founded on the
principals guiding us in our daily life– honesty, fairness and
hard work.

Termite control can be a confusing and scary issue. Every day
we put 25 years of experience to work, delivering the most
progressive, least toxic termite extermination and control
technology to our family of customers.

When we founded Hume and Company we made the decision
to specialize in termite control, a field that moves as fast as
the pests we eliminate. By focusing on one job we maintain an
advantage over extermination companies trying to be everything.

Our research and dedication to preventing termite damage
enabled us to help pioneer new, more effective methods that
have virtually zero impact on the environment. Developing
“Green“ techniques means a healthier environment for our
planet, our employees, and most importantly your family.

Best Regards,

Dan & Jamie Hume

Hume & Company



"This is in recognition of your donation of labor and material to repair and treat the entire structure for termites in the effort to remodel Fire Station 13. The crewmembers, my staff and I are all very thankful for your selfless devotion to the remodel of the fire station serving La Jolla. This project would have been impossible with gifts like yours!"
— Tracy Jarman, Fire Chief

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